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I always developed in windows forms. However now I came up with a litle project for the web. I'm using Devexpress components, however this is still a bit confusing for me. For example, the following link shows several examples. From what I understand I can choose one of these frameworks presented or even the Asp.Net core, to develop on Api Devexpress. I would like to know if this is correct, and what would be the best choice. For me it might be easier core, since I am already develop in windows forms.

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Hi rlorencio,

DevXpress provides controls for various technologies, WinForms, ASP.Net WebForms, MVC, WPF, Silverlight and .Net Core.

As of now the choice for the web developers is ASP .Net Core. For Desktop apps developer, wait till the newer version of .Net Core starts supporting WPF (OR you can start with WPF right away and then later on convert to the .Net Core WPF).


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