Accessing Network Resources using FortiClient and IPSec VPN

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I have a Fortigate 80D firewall, with FortiOS version 6.2.0, lately upgraded. The user remote access was configured using IPsec VPN, and handled by Forticlient. In previous versions, it was working without any problem. But now, users can connect, but can no more access network resources.
The only thing that was performed, was enabling IPv4 Split Tunnel.
I wonder what i can do to re-establish a correct connection using FortiClient
Thanks for help
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I would suggest with initially checking that name resolution works, if name resolution works, then check routes on the remote and LAN sides.
System administrator
hello, ad thank you for your help,
we discovered that the ISP who blocked ipsec traffic or at least we need to have an authorization to use it.
we switched to SSL, till we resolve this problem, thank you
Lotfi BOUCHERITSystem administrator


I'm lost as to how it can have worked with previous versions if there is an ISP block of IPSec...

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