Display google profile picture of a contact in Android app

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Hi all,

We are creating an Android app that will use google authentication, as such, all users will have a google account.

Part of the apps functionality is that a user can "connect" with other users, and so they will have a list of contacts.

We would like to be able to take the email address of the contact and retrieve the google profile picture and display it.

Does anyone know how to do this, currently we haven't found any useful information, just depreciated APIs.

We are using android 9 (in case that makes a difference).

Any help is very much appreciated.

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Chris Harte2015 Top Expert (Most Article Points)

Have you tried this from the android developer site?

Also bear in mind that google+ no longer exists.
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response.

The solution I am going with is to store the URL of the users profile picture, then when another user is looking at the application, we simply call the picture from the URL.

Not an ideal solution, but it works.


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