Need help setting up a SMTP server.

nima moeiny
nima moeiny used Ask the Experts™
Please help me make a SMTP server.
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need more info? What type of server Exchange or something else?


It's hard to explain I need help
We are using win 911 which is alarm notifications software and send email or text message.I made a server on reachmail which is SSL type that required stunell software.I really don't want to install additional software on that computer. I need a mail server which doesn't require anything and I need to send SMS is my priority
Thanks and please hep
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroTop Rated Freelancer on MS Technologies
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Hi Nima,

Let's try to organize your thoughts so we can actually help you ok?.
I recommend you do a "draw" take it a picture with the phone and post it... because it's a bowl of rice with mango what you've just explained.

Win 911 ?
What version of windows is that? ??? Win10 8.1? windows server?
is it a  web service?

honestly, I'm lost
@Jose Gabriel Ortega Castro

WiN 911 is not a version of windows, WIN 911 is a alarm notification suite


As indicated above by Jose, additional "clearer" information would be required to assist


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