Brother QL-570 Label printer, connected to hardware print server, can't print more than one copy at a time (Windows 10 Pro)

The user has a Brother QL-570 label printer.  It only has a USB Interface and is no longer being supported by Brother. It prints very well.
The user wanted to be able to print to it from 2 computers.  I originally set it up to be shared on the Windows 10 Pro host, but then the sharing stopped working.

I chose a fast solution:
I connected an Apple Airport Express, gave the Airport Express a static IP, and used the print sharing/print server function built into the Airport Express.  (It was a used AE that I had on hand)

Labels can be printed from both computers, and I don't have to spend the time trying to figure out why Windows 10 sharing isn't working.
The only problem is that the QL-570 cannot print multiple copies of a label.  Whatever number is entered, it only prints 1 copy.  The user can repeat the printing process as many times as they like, the labels print, but only one at a time.

I downloaded and reinstalled the Brother driver.  The latest version available was created in 2014.    I also downloaded and installed Brother's label printing software - P-Touch Editor 5.2
After installing the two downloads, the printer still only prints 1 label at a time.

The user doesn't want to buy a new label printer.

What might be preventing multiple labels from being printed?  The driver or the Apple print server.
Is there an alternative inexpensive print server that could be used?   I don't mind purchasing a previously owned print server from eBay.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
There are many USB Print Servers

It would seem to be worth trying one.


Limit Label Printing to one computer and hook the printer up to that computer. Then use a more modern networked printer for regular printing.
The most likely cause of the problem is the Apple Airport Express printserver.

Looking at the printer specs I cannot find any mention of a Printer Description Language (PDL). All I can find is "Printer control command: Raster mode". Examples of PDLs are PCL5/6, PostScript, ESC-P.

Most printers without a PDL, (and even some that have a make-believe PDL like PCL3) are host-based printers and require the Windows or Mac graphics engine to convert the page into dots on the page. These printers are notoriously hard to network, and there are only 2 methods that are guaranteed to work:

1. Share the printer on a PC. If you want to get this going, please give more details about how the sharing stopped working. If it worked once it can be made to work again.
2. Use a printserver that specifically supports the printer. Most reputable printserver suppliers supply a "printer support list". If your printer is not on the list you must assume that it will not work. Apple do not seem to provide such a list. According to this website, the NEXX WT3020F router does work with your printer. However, it seems tricky to set up and the web page does not talk about Windows.

Note that (more expensive) printers that do support a PDL will work fine with any printserver.

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Could you sort things a little for me: Please connect it using USB and see if Labels print as expected, just so that we can rule out the driver to be the problem, first. Afterwards, proposing a solution or workaround will be easier.
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