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Videoconferencing Application That Can Grab an HTML Page / Active Browser Window and Run It to the Greenscreen Background

Using Zoom for video conference I can have a green screen background.  Static image.

Need to run a live HTML page as the background.

Out of the box, Zoom can't do this.

It CAN be done, but I need to ALSO use OBS Studio to enable me grab the HTML Page / Browser Window and project it to the green screen as a background.

Is there any video conferencing that allows an HTML Page to be run to the greenscreen background out of the box / as a toggled option.  So that I don't need to run any additional software.  Just the conferencing software which then grabs HTML Page / Active Browser Window and runs it to the greenscreen background.

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what you want is to capture  the contents of any window

Can you elaborate a bit more, which HTML tag do you need / or reason why?
for example why you don't use the static image (Virtual-Background) and want to use HTML instead?

Skype and MS Teams meeting have a blur option for background


Here is my thinking behind this idea. I need to give a presentation about material that is contained in a web page. What I'm hoping to find is a Video Conferencing application that can project a live HTML page onto the green screen behind me so I can give the presentation standing in front of it. Sort of like the way a TV weather caster does.

The only way to achieve this now is using 3rd party software. On windows you can use a free software called OBS and the Virtual Webcam plugin for it.

Hoping to find an all-in-one Video Conferencing platform that has this feature.
You could use Gotomeeting
This is what we use when we do live web application demo
and they have HDFaces Video Conferencing (we have not tried yet)

you can use their trial to see if this can be a solution for you...

You can also check Teamviewer


Lenamtl! <thumbs up>!

Sounds like you got my thinking just right!  Is there any video you know of online anywhere that can illustrate the way you guys are using it?  Does it really have that kind of full-clarity?  What I mean is, does the application really appear as a full-color, nearly the-wall-is-a-screen kind of quality?  Or, does it appear grainy and kind of like a second generation photocopy / VCR home movie projected behind the speaker?

Really feeling hopeful.


Based on our experiences everything is very clear voice and view.
About the video feature it is HD so I guess that will be excellent...
(of course this can also depend of hardware like device screen, webcam,micro, internet...)

All their video preview are here: https://www.youtube.com/user/gotomeeting/videos

HD face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RNbsVFV4Po

You can contact them and ask specific question, they have excellent support.

You can try their free trial to make sure ..



Thanks a BILLION!  Feel real grateful.  Got online with their chat and they say the have the feature I've described.  Will hear from them soon.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!