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Hi Experts

we have Vmware environment

we have VSAN 6.7 cluster 20 hosts with more than 300 TB
we are using vmware distributed switch
we have Vcenter  6.7 windows Vcenter not appliance

now i got some problems on Vcenter and i have no backup for this Vcenter

i will try to fix this issue and migrate to a an appliance

but my question if i am not able to fix this Vcenter

can i just destroy this Vcenter and deploy an appliance 6.7U2 then  re add  the VSAN cluster to the new Vcenter

and what about  vmware distributed switch any problem here

my point after i create an new Vcenter how can i add the whole VSAN cluster

i don't know the steps for such approach

i know it is not recommended and etc

i just want to know int he worst case how can do such instillation without any interruption for any VM running on this VSAN cluster  

please some steps by steps details

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I would recommend, with

1. vSAN in use.
2. Distributed switches in use.

You escalate a Service Request to VMware Support to fix the current issue with vCenter Server for Window, they can work with you one-on-one, remote sessions with WebEx to fix the current environment.

You can create a new vCenter Server and fix vSAN see here


HI Andrew

i just create a ticket with Vmware

right now the situation not so urgent Vcenter running right now but

i manged to fix some issues but now the vsphere web cleint ( FLEX ) dose not work

it give me this error
(( 503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [class Vmacore::Http::LocalServiceSpec:0x000000601719b9e0] _serverNamespace = /vsphere-client action = Allow _port = 9090)

but HTML 5 work very well , but i need to replace a disk on VSAN and when i use HTML 5 and try to detach a disk i am getting error (( Cannot change the host configuration. ))

so the status now Vcenter working for everything except what i just told you about

i want Vcenter to be fixed before i make migration to an appliance

so if you have an idea about the issues i am facing right now pls let me know

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It seems rather drastic measure to migrate at present, or replace because of a Client Side (maybe) FLEX issues.

Have you tried a new computer ?

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