SQL 2014 T-sql vs R and Phyton in sql 2017, is it worth upgrades

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I like to know how and at what scenarios Pythons and R that embedded in sql server 2017 can really meaningful to be use? I'm still using sql 2014 and running sql reporting services to produces end report to customer  and I can says 100% of data analysis that we have performed  were generated from T-sql.
Actually I wonder how this R and Python in sql 2017 would assist me to speed up or create more meaningful data for customer as from my experiences T-sql is doing more than enough for me to provides even complex reports to end users.
If anyone  here are able to shed some lights I maybe have more explanation and reason to upgrade to sql 2017.
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

it's exciting to see such integration with MSSQL

I would think documentation at Microsoft is the best as the entering point.
What's new in SQL Server Machine Learning Services

and check the links of articles at the left panel for more details.
Python and R are included rather for Machine learning than for reporting purposes in SQL Server 2017. But namely Python is popular and allows to use existing libraries in SQL Server environment so it is worth to try at least.

Simply download the free SQL Server 2017 for developers and look at it.

I would recommend to use SQL 2017 for its SQL engine features like query store, new functions in T-SQL etc.

Quick overview of Python in SQL Server: https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertutorial/9073/sql-server-2017-and-python-basics/

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