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When I turned my AIO dell on this morning, the monitor was solid green. No text, no beeping..nothing. I tried unplugging the power to it for 15 sec. then a second time for a full min. I also tried unplugging all peripherals and then restarting it. Still green. Any thoughts?
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need to clarify if its the monitor or the PC.
Try plugging the monitor into another PC and see if it works. also try another monitor into this PC and see if that works.
Could also try swapping the cable.

This would confirm where the issue lies and sends us down the right path for diagnosis :-)
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All-in-One, so as suggested try a different (external) monitor and see. That should tell you monitor or GPU. However either way, you are going to need to get it serviced as all the parts are in a single unit.
For whatever reason, after power cycling with no peripherals plugged in, it began working again. Thanks for the input

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