How do I specify relative file path in

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I'm getting some file info in my application and i'd like write them if have relative directory relationship in my application.

For example my directory: C:/files

If it's found file in;
C:/files/test1.pdf    'Output: ../test1.pdf
C:/files/190501/test2.pdf 'Output: ../190501/test2.pdf
C:/archive/180501/test3.pdf 'Output: C:/archive/180501/test3.pdf

I search on net and Path.GetRelativePath would fit my desire but it's not supported at .net 4.8 so Any help would be grateful.

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Hi thanks for the source. It really helped me. I changed last section of code because it gives me "\\" instead of "\". Is it wrong or another thing you know?
Base Code:
public static string GetRelativePath(string fullPath, string basePath ) 
    // Require trailing backslash for path
    if (!basePath.EndsWith("\\"))
        basePath += "\\";

    Uri baseUri = new Uri(basePath);
    Uri fullUri = new Uri(fullPath);

    Uri relativeUri = baseUri.MakeRelativeUri(fullUri);

    // Uri's use forward slashes so convert back to backward slashes
    return relativeUri.ToString().Replace("/", "\\");


Open in new window Converted Code:

    Public Shared Function GetRelativePath(ByVal fullPath As String, ByVal basePath As String) As String
        If Not basePath.EndsWith("\\") Then
            basePath += "\\"
        End If

        Dim baseUri As Uri = New Uri(basePath)
        Dim fullUri As Uri = New Uri(fullPath)

        Dim relativeUri As Uri = baseUri.MakeRelativeUri(fullUri)

        Return relativeUri.ToString().Replace("/", "\")
    End Function

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i changed the last section;

 relativeUri.ToString().Replace("/", "\\")

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relativeUri.ToString().Replace("/", "\")

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Shahan AyyubSenior Software Engineer

Seems like you are talking about regular string literal and verbatim string literal, please check this one:

Point #2 seems to be this case. If you define string with '@' then '\' is fine otherwise you should use '\\'. In case of directory or file path, path separator (\) is in between the string so it was replaced as '\\' ('\' character escaped with '\', similarly in \", quotation(") escaped with '\') to keep it in string as-is treat it as a regular string literal.


I didn't define string with "@" so i'm bit confused.
Shahan AyyubSenior Software Engineer

Ahh, I didn't see you are looking for VB.Net snippet. This (@) is for C# only. VB.Net works without '@' and '\\'. Thats why you need to change '\\' with '\'. If you will run this code in C# then you need these things.

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