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Best alternative to ROBOCOPY?


For a long time I have been using ROBOCOPY on a schedule to copy (mirror) the contents of a samba shared directory on a Solaris server to a Windows Server.

Over the weekend the Solaris server was upgraded and since then the ROBOCOPY script no longer works.  After some reasearch I believe it is because the new Solaris server uses a different file system which ROBOCOPY is not happy with.  The blog article in the link below describes the problem I am having, but the fix is not working for me http://www.luisrocha.net/2008/12/robocopy-error-error-5-0x00000005.html

What is the best (free) alternative to ROBOCOPY which will allow me to mirror a folder (source > destination)?  I will also need to automate a daily schedule for it and also produce a log file to tell me if there have been any problems.

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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor
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You are copying from WIndows to Solaris, right? It is likely that Samba was upgraded on the Solaris server and that something like security setting are preventing you to copy.

Can you still map a network drive to the Solaris server? If you can map a drive then robocopy should work as well.


No, I am copying from a Solaris share to a Windows server.

Yes I can still map a network drive to the solaris server and can browse and copy the files manually.
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What is the exact robocopy command line you're using (x out source and target paths before posting), and what is the exact error message you're getting?


I think I have this working now.  

It has been necessary to pass some credentials (for the solaris server) into the script before the robocopy command executes.

So my script now looks like this:

net use X: \\solarisserver\myfolder /user:myuser password:mypasssword
Robocopy \\solarisserver\myfolder "E:\Copyofmyfolder" /MIR /COPY:DT /DCOPY:D /FFT /LOG+:c:\mylog.log

It is going to take a while to complete, but I think it is working now :)
May still be worth answering the original question as there are many applications that perform this function by design, instead of you having to write your own script around robocopy.

FreefileSync is a good option and includes logs, error handling etc.
I've heard dirsync pro is good too but haven't used that one myself so recommend research :-)