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If you had to consider all the myriad of stock trading indicators out there that many novice and advanced traders alike base their trading on, and you had to group that huge number of indicators into the broadest possible major categories, what would those categories be?

I'm thinking there may only be two (2) categories off the top of my head:  Price and Volume.

What do you think?
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If you're actually thinking about writing some code, you'll likely have many other indicators.

Grouping them... This will be completely subjective, to each person... especially if you consider both technicals + fundamentals.

Best to write a system which can track many individual indicators, then algorithms to analyze + chart your indicators.
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You need to consider Price/Earnings ratio as well and look at performance as a graph (technical analysis).

None of this stuff forecasts emotion which is what happened at the end of 2018 (market turndown) and subsequent recover in 2019.

If you are investing, get a good broker / advisor.
I think you need to think of the following categories :

(1) Sales by department/store
(2) Gross Profit by department/store
(3) Shortages/Overages by category
(4) Expired goods by category
(5) Discounts/rebates by category
(6) In house production
(7) outside or bought stock
(8) Own consumption

After categorizing the above only then can you set up your grouping query.



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