Go to Meeting App's Hidden Feature - Can't Figure This Out

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Need help with GoToMeeting Software.

So far, via the Go to Meeting Apps' own staff and Kind Experts here I've been told that it is possible to use a green screen background with GoToMeeting, and then, via the app itself, load an active browser window into that green screen background.

The effect would be something similar to what you have with a weather caster, where there's a person standing in front of a dynamic background.  In this case, that background would be a browser window.

This would let me give a presentation based on the contents of the webpage.  I could stand in front of it and, as I scroll through the page, give my lecture.

Downloaded the GoToMeeting software today.  Allowed engineer friends and myself to fool around with it for about two hours.

They are telling me that the only thing it can do is to be used in conjunction with a program called OBS Studio.  If we do that, then we could run anything we'd like to the green screen background.

That, however, is the step we are trying to avoid.  We need a conferencing app that - via the App's own settings - allows a live, independent browser screen to be projected to the green screen background.

This is what I described, in detail, to the good folks there at GoToMeeting.  

And, what Len described here.

Both assured me that it CAN be done with GoToMeeting.

But, somehow, we can't figure out how to make the App do this.

Need a GoToMeeting Expert who can outline what kind of configurations we need to use to get this to work.  So far, we have only a static image to the background, if even that.

What are we doing wrong?


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It's nowhere advertised chroma key is a feature. However, they DO mention it in one of their blog posts, but as expected, it's by way of a third party software. https://blog.gotomeeting.com/use-green-screen-stuns-webinar-audience/
If you as the software developer point to a third party software on your own official blog, you can bet your money on it, it's NOT a BUILT-IN feature.


Many thanks! :)))))))))))))))))



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