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On page load, I'm going to grab details of a user's assignments, based on the user coming to the site.
I'm going to populate a checkedlistbox with just a reference ID and associated title.

However, when they click on an item, I want to show the further details based upon that reference ID.

Originally I was going to create a list, and add reference to all of the details there, but I believe that maybe cookies might serve me better here - although I'm not very familiar how to use them properly.

Can someone provide some guidance?
I'd love to have some ability to search a cached table based on the ID selected, and retrieve the details that way, rather than making another call to the databse.
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Using cookies is pretty simple.

Setting cookies
Response.Cookies["yourcookiename"]["field1"] = "mydata1";
Response.Cookies["yourcookienames"]["field2"] = "mydata2";
 Response.Cookies["yourcookiename"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(15); //expire in 15 minutes.

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Reading cookies.

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You can also make use of session, but if you will use multiple servers or even more than one worker process in IIS then this method is a no good.
Session.Add("yourcookiename", "yourdata");
// and read with

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Thanks much

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