Issue with Chrome App Builder creating app that launches website in kiosk mode

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Full disclosure: not a developer, never worked with any of this before. This seemed like a very straightforward process that isn't working for some reason.

Trying to use Chrome App Builder :
To create an app that points to a website that will run in kiosk mode. This should be a relatively simple undertaking. You name the app, plug in the url in the homepage section, (our is configure any settings for navigation, then select to save as kiosk.

While testing the app by opening the more tools-->extensions-->turn on developer mode-->load unpacked, however, I get errors. Having no idea where to even start on this (isn't it just supposed to be redirecting to a website?) I'm asking for assistance to determine where the errors could possibly be coming from.

Warning: Unknown Model in arequire
function arequire(modelName, opt_X) {
  var X = opt_X || GLOBAL.X;
  var model = FOAM.lookup(modelName, X);
  if ( ! model ) {
    if ( ! X.ModelDAO ) {
      console.warn('Unknown Model in arequire: ', modelName);
      return aconstant(undefined);

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Warning: Tried to load
arequire(obj.model_)(function(model) {
            if ( ! model ) {
              console.warn("Tried to load ", obj.model_, " on demand, but no luck.");

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@David Johnson

Yes, thanks. I'm testing on a Chromebook.
Wow-talk about a red herring. It turns out that the error/warning events I was seeing had absolutely nothing to do with why the app was not working. Our content filter was blocking "jabber" and a number of non-standard port/IP address combinations from Google. Once I added the list of them to be allowed, the app functioned as it should!

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