What is the correct way to licence this Hyper-V situation?

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What is the correct way to licence this Hyper-V situation?

Existing Server 2012 running Hyper-V, licenced. Server has 4 VMs, also licenced. The server is getting old and is going to be made into a replication server for DR purposes.
We want to introduce another Hyper-V running Server 2019 and replicate the existing (licenced) VMs onto the new server.

At no point will the VMs be running on more than one server.
Do we just need one Server 2019 licence to get the Hyper-V covered?
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Datacenter platform engineer Lindows
Yes, as long as the VMs are not licensed under some form of datacenter license.

Top Expert 2016
For under 7 instances(vm's) Server Standard is Cheaper.  Windows Server now is CORE based licensing (up to 16 cores use 1 license, for every 2 cores  on top of 16 you need a 2 core license.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

A cold-backup situation requires Software Assurance. Using Hyper-V Replica is exactly that.

EDIT: With SA we don't need to license the destination host for all guests. SA gives us the portability needed. No SA, and both hosts will need to be licensed for the guests running on them and there is a 90 day (IIRC) move limit. They cannot be moved more than once every 90 days.

Are the guests and their workloads going to be migrated to Server 2019 with the legacy OS being left behind? I hope so?

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