Data-tables not bringing back exact results.

  function getContacts(listId, cOnly) {

            if (typeof contactTable !== 'undefined')
            contactTable = $('#contactstable').DataTable({
                "serverSide": true,
                "stateSave": true,
                "ordering": false,
                "searching": true,
                "oSearch": {"bSmart": false},
                "searchDelay": 1500,
                "ajax": {
                    "url": "get-contacts.php",
                    "type": "POST",
                    "data": {
                        listId: listId,
                        co: cOnly
                "rowCallback": function (row, data) {
                "initComplete": function (data) {
                "columns": [
                    {"data": "contact"},
                    {"data": "email"},
                    {"data": "company"},
                    {"data": "date"},
                    {"data": "actions"}
                'columnDefs'        : [      
                    'searchable'    : false, 
                    'targets'       : [2,3,4] 
                "order": [[0, 'desc']]


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so this function creates my dataTable,

all works table it up, i only perform search functions on contact and email,

how ever it is failing to give me exact results , for example first record is  Tim Smith , i can clearly see Tim Smith, i type Tim Smith into the search input provided by data-tables, and he isnt shown in the result ?
Alex LordAsked:
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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Pretty sure the actual search (filtering) will be done at your server-side script because you've set the datasource to AJAX, so to understand why it's not working, we'd need to see the get-contacts.php file

Check if you have any html tag around the name.
The search and filter option supposed to work the same even if you use their server-side method, because it looking once the table is rendered...

Which Datatables version are you using?
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Actually, just checked - its not because you're using an AJAX datasource - it's because you've set the serverSide property to true. This tells DataTables that you'll handle it yourself at the server end. Remove that (or set it to false) and you'll see that it works. If you want more advance searching, then re-enable the server-side property and handle the search server-side (build your own query)

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See here that is possible to search or filter data that are rendered using server-side

As long as the data you are looking for is in the datatables table
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