Dell Backup VRRP Acting weird

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Dell S4810 Switch's backup VRRP is responding as default gateway, which I think it i causing some issues.

Does anyone know why the router acting as backup for several VLANs are responding and acting as the gateway when it is in backup mode?  We can see this in the traceroute.  This is not happening to all VLANs but some VLANs, which I think is causing the latency issue we're having.

I see nothing in the logs or not VRRP state changes.

thank you in advance.
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on each router please share the results of 'show vrrp"
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Do you have virtual link trunking (VLT) between two S series switches?

If you do, look at a feature called peer routing. Peer routing is where whichever switch receives a packet at L2 that needs routing will route the packet, instead of sending the packet over the VLT link to the peer for routing.

My guess is that you have peer routing enabled. Take a look at this post for an explanation.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Do you have Dell EMC support on your switches? Which version of firmware are you running on the switches? There were bugs in earlier versions of FTOS around VLT that were resolved in the latest releases.
LateNaiteCEO and Founder


Hi Kevin,

Yes, that is what I had configured and found documentation on it.  Never updated this post but basically, found the same thing that you're suggesting.  Thanks everyone!

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