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How to get a team using Agile methodology to work with ITIL team?

hi experts,

Slightly complex situation here. I'm leading an infrastructure team. At the same time, we've got a service delivery manager who handles all of the change management, incidents etc and is running a rather strict ITIL methodology. We've also got the web team who have now been told that any changes, requests must be put through the service delivery team and that they have to adhere to the ITIL customs.

Now, the web team work with an Agile methodology. So they're pushing back and saying this does not work for them. Trying to see if there is a way to come up with something to get these guys to work together. I've just learned that Agile is not a set of processes but instead a set of values and principles. Which is completely the opposite to what ITIL is.

Have you ever dealt with such a scenario? Do you have any practical advice as to how to best tackle this?

Thanks for helping
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Tough question, agile is a iterative approach to software development, and itil is for service delivery, I would start by looking at how the web team delivers to changes, more than how they work to produce them.  The web dev team should be getting their orders from the ITIL process which ties to business processes.  This can feed into the agile process, but again kind of messy.

I think for it to work well the Service Owner, Process Owner and Process Manager need to be defined so dev knows their role
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ITIL never was a fixed in stone approach. The major difference between the two is ITIL is document then process according to the documentation, AGILE is do it then maybe document it.
https://www.cio.com/article/3260625/itil-and-agile-are-not-always-the-best-of-friends-but-they-sure-are-not-enemies.html is  good read