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Hi, we have just had Avaya IP Office and Voicemail Pro installed on a Hyper-V Virtual Server (A Dell Poweredge R7040 with 32GB RAM Intel Xeon Silver 4109T 2Ghz (2 Processors). The Avaya virtual server has been running fine since Christmas but over Easter it crashed. The telecoms guys that support it say that for 1-100 users it should be at least a 4 Ghz Processor (we have 75 users) and 2-3 cores.

Now, I can shut it down tonight and give it an extra processor, but would we really need to upgrade the processors to faster ones? It's a fairly new server and I thought that the Xeon Silver 4109T although low Ghz are pretty good? Thanks for the help.
Paul DrageAsked:
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Specifying 4GHz is ridiculous, to get that clock frequency you would need either gold processor with a low thread count or platinum processors at well over $10,000 each. If they say 4GHz processor at three cores then ask them whether 2GHz processor at 6 cores will do.

Bear in mind that upping the core/processor count under a virtual environment does not boost the performance if the processor is over-committed since it leads to a huge amount of context switching.
Paul DrageAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andy, I think this is kind of what we thought in the back of our minds...I'll send your answer to them and see if they can get a reply direct from Avaya perhaps, I don't really fancy upgrading the servers physical hardware if I can help it.
See Adjusting the CPU Cycles in https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101039604 .

"Multiply the clock cycle of the CPU with the number of allocated virtual CPU processors to determine the aggregate value and compare it with recommended profiling values"

Bear in mind if hyper-threading is turned on then each virtual core is only going to run half the time, a 20 core CPU at 2GHz with hyperthreading actl like a 40 core CPU at 1GHz approximately. Actually may be a bit slower than that, hyper-threading performance gain/loss is very application dependent.

So you already have 6GHz allocated if you have three cores at 2GHz each.

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Paul DrageAuthor Commented:
Yes we only have two cores currently allocated, I'll add another core tonight (as it requires a reboot) and see if that helps. The telecomms company are saying that the server is is maxing out on CPU usage but we can't find where they're getting that info from, IP Office Web Manager System screen shows each process only using a few percent each, Hyper-V shows the server only using 6%. So I might have to ask them where they're getting those figures from. They're the only ones with access to the Avaya Linux operating system so maybe they're drawing stats from that. Thanks again for the help.
Paul DrageAuthor Commented:
Hi Andy, didn't get time to try it last night but I'll get it done tonight. The telecomms company have come back to me after showing them your response and agreed saying they didn't mean that the physical processors had to 4Ghz. So I think your solution will work.
Paul DrageAuthor Commented:
Hi Andy, adding another processor has fixed the problem and the server is running at less than 40% CPU usage now. Thanks for the help.
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