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We are migrating to a new Domain as our company is merging with a new company and our Domain name is now being removed. We have no issues with servers, workstations and DC's but we need to Migrate Vcenter for windows too and we are not sure how changing the windows server that Vcenter is on will effect it?

All ESXi hosts are still on the original subnet IP's and we plan on doing them last, but if we change the Windows server that Vcenter is on will that break the connectivity to the hosts in Vcenter?

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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

You should be able to re-import the hosts into the V-center once it's been moving assuming that you can access them.
Senior Technical Lead

Your host will disconnect for that period. Changing Vcenter IP won't cause much issues but it's not recommended unless you have valid reason. Since you are migrating your domain then no other options for you.

VMware has a documented procedure for changing Vcenter IP

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