Need Help With Clearing "Advance Slide" Fields

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Greetings experts,

I have a Powerpoint file and I need to clear the advance slide's "After" field and uncheck the checkbox.
The problem is that I have too many slides to do it manually... I was wondering if someone can give some advice on an easier way to do so, preferably a VBA code example?

Any help is much appreciated! :)
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This is not a VBA answer, but if you put the file into slide sorter view and use Ctrl + A to select all slides, then you can uncheck the advance after box on all slides with one click.
NoahHardware Tester and Debugger


@Echo_S Hi, thank you for your reply! I have tried it out myself and it works.
Thanks again, I have awarded the points accordingly :)
Glad to hear we were able to resolve that pretty easily!

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