Why is browser changing my rowspan from "3" to "4" ??

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I've got a weird issue where a rowspan which I've set is being changed by the browsers.  I set rowspan="3" and browser renders rowspan="4" ( which I can see when I inspect the browser code).

I'm trying to achieve a 6x6 table , where the second row (under the heading row)  and 6th row are colspan="6" (full width), and the left cell of rows 3-5 is a single row with rowspan="3" , but for some reason the browser keeps bumping it up to "4" ( and causing the bottom row to not cover the full width)

This is running inside the DNN Action Form module html template.
 here's a nippet as an example.



<table class="table table-bordered" id="equipTable">
   <th>Product Image</th>
   <th>Name, Catalog or Model #</th>
   <th>Description &amp; Comments</th>
 <tbody id="chairs-tbody" style="max-width: 769px;">
  <tr class="ergo-headingtr">
   <th class="singlerow" colspan="6">Chairs</th>
   <td class="checkboxColumn" id="chairsColumn" rowspan="3" style="padding:0px!important; vertical-align:top; ">[Fields:Chairs]</td>
   <td><img alt="" class="ergo-img" src="/Portals/0/County/GSD/Ergo_Form/image018.png" /></td>
   <td>Office Master</td>
   <td>YS 84</td>
   <td>Medium Mesh back, multiple adjustments, armrests optional</td>
   <td>Palace Arts</td>
   <td class="bluemobilebg"><img alt="" class="ergo-img" src="/Portals/0/County/GSD/Ergo_Form/image004.png" /></td>
   <td>County standard office task chair; high back, seat depth adjustment</td>
   <td><img alt="" class="ergo-img" src="/Portals/0/County/GSD/Ergo_Form/image008.png" /></td>
   <td>High back, multiple adjustments</td>
   <td class="othertablecell" colspan="6"><span class="other"><strong>Other (specify):</strong></span>[Fields:OtherChairstext]</td>
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That can't happen the browser will not do that.

I have put your code in a test file and confirmed it - so something else is going on - which we are not going to deduce from the code.

You will need to show us a link where it is happening.
I would hazard a very unsophisticated guess that you have a CSS sytle sheet that is playing with what get's to the browser..  I have been bit by this way before--  Review your  Hierarchy for Applying Styles to HTML .  



Thanks - You were both correct. I had some javascript running which was messing with the page (not sure the details,)  Removing that fixed the issue.

Thanks again!!

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