AWS VPC routing to corp network via another VPC and DX

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Can a VPC A in account A use an AWS Private Link or other means to get to a VPC B in account B and then reach a corporate destination over a Direct Connect link connected to VPC B?

Say EC2-1 has and is trying to reach on the corporate network. VPC B with subnet already has a Direct Connect link to the corporate data center and already reach es10.5.5.5. What could I put in place to allow EC2-1 to hop through VPC B and get to

Thank you.
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You cannot do this with normal VPC as it won't allow transive

Create a Transit VPC and connect Direct Connect to Transit VPC. From Transit VPC you can connect many VPC. this is the one way to share Direct connect across multiple VPC's

Another way is use Transit Gateway to share direct connect to multiple VPC's. This is a fully managed service and easy to setup when compare to Transit VPC
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That's a big help. Thank you Ramasamy!

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