Generating .crt and .key file using microsoft Enterprise PKI

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Afternoon team.
Please help, I have windows based Enterprise PKI solution setup with 1 offline root ca and 2 online subordinates ca. I have been given a .csr file by one of our vendors and they requested that I generate a .crt certificate and .key file for them using the .csr file. I only know how to generate a .cer certificate and not the requested files.
Please assist, how would one go about doing this using the Microsoft enterprise PKI?
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For which template? You can mark the key as exportable from the template settings


Afternoon Shaun.
Thanks for your input, I have created a duplicate web server certificate template for this request and configured the allow the private key to be exported option under request handling is also checked. I am using web enrollment to complete the certificate request, but only able to generate .cer files.
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Since you have a PKI, usually you would use https://<subordinateCA>/CertServ
and use the CSR as input to sign a certificate.

The vendor that generated the CSR already has the key so there is no need for you to provide a key unless the

cer, cert, crt are all the same, they are asking you to have your CA sign their CSR and give them the resulting PEM (base64) encoded file
--- Certificate starts here --

-- Certificate ends here ---

they can change the extension to whatever they want to have the certificate imported back to complete the request..

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