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I'm trying to figure out pricing for Server 2019, I'm looking at Performance Tab in Task Manager, it shows 16 Logical Processors, & 8 Cores.  Does this mean 8 cores per processor, or just flat out 8 cores?
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How many physical cores per processor in the host?

It’s 8 cores

How many processors

Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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16 Logical Processors

"Logical" in computer terms generally means "Not Physical." So your system has 8 physical cores and is configured for Hyper-Threading/Hyper-Transport (depending on manufacturer) CPU Virtualization, which allows the cores to process two threads per cycle instead of just one. Only physical cores need to be licensed. Note that for VMs, you want to avoid "stacking" VMs on Logical Processors. This prevents VMs from fighting each other for resources.
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You could get better information about the server with CPU-Z
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

You license for a minimum of 16 cores, so either way is moot because you would still be 16 cores at most.

The reality is that based on your provided information, you either have a single 8 core processor with hyperthreading enabled, or two 4 core processors with hyperthreading. Either way it is 8 physical cores, so you can get better processor or add a second processor to bring up to 16 cores without increasing the licensing cost to Microsoft.

If you're really concerned about security, especially if you run alongside unknown VMs, you should disable hyperthreading due to inherent side channel attacks against hyperthreading.


CPU-Z works great for what we're looking for.

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