Microsoft Access: Constantly have to refresh table link if a table has an attachment field in it

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My database is divided into a front-end and back-end. I regularly make updates to the front-end and then copy the front-end from my computer to my client's computer. Today, I added an attachment field (i.e. data type = attachment) to one of the tables in the back-end. It works fine on my computer. But when I copy the front-end to the client's computer, I get this error whenever I attempt to open a form that references the table with the attachment field in it:

The Microsoft Office Access database engine cannot find the input table or query ''. Make sure that it exists and that its name is spelled correctly.

When I go into the Linked Table Manager, it says it is pointed to the right back-end file. But if I check the box beside that table and click OK, the above error goes away and I can use the database without any further problems.

Or, if I execute this command:


it also fixes the problem. But I have to do that every time I copy a new front-end to the client computer.

If I delete the attachment field from the table, the above problem goes away and I can copy front-ends without any errors or the need to refresh links. But as soon as I re-add an attachment field to the table, the problem comes up again.

Any suggestions?
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Well it might be a longshot but i found an also similar case and the culprit was not the Attachment field but rather a Memo Field because it the Property "Append Only" to Yes that caused data to get pushed to a system the info was retained on the system table and because it was the old one...there was an issue...until the Relinking was used to refresh the info.
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This gave me hope because the table does have 5 memo fields. Alas, they all have the Append Only property set to No.
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Both attachment fields and multi-value fields are achieved behind the scenes using system tables as John mentioned (and FWIW, I would not use either, but do it myself).

 That being the case and you know what the solution is, I would side step the problem rather than trying to understand it; simply refresh all your table links when the app starts up.

  You can set it up so that it only does it once and that way it really won't impact things too much.    But a refresh is really quick and you might just want to leave it so that it runs every time.

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I'd delete the attachment(s) field(s), and store them on the server.  There are several reason to do so, as you are seeing firsthand.  If you want to learn more, refer to Adding Attachments to an Access Database.

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