MD3000i RAID controller module Memory Parity Error!

Michael McGovern
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We have a DELL MD3000i array with dual-controllers (A/A). Last week, one of the controllers went bad due to memory parity error (or aka. Memory Consistency Error) and we took a huge performance hit. We ordered a replacement and swapped it out, the error was still there.  We thought we may have received a defective part, so we got another controller, but the error doesn't go away. We took out the battery and memory from the controller, waited 2 mins, then popped it back in, but still no luck. Does any one know how to correct this issue? Does something else needs to be done beside putting the controller in offline mode before swapping?

Summary : RAID Controller Module Memory Consistency Error
Storage array:  MDPLSHELP01
Component          reporting problem:  RAID Controller Module in slot 0
 Status:           Online
 Location:  RAID Controller          Module/Expansion enclosure, RAID Controller Module in slot 0
Component          requiring service:  RAID Controller Module in slot 0
 Service          action (removal) allowed:  No 
 Service action LED on component:  No
 Replacement          part number:  
 Board ID:  1532
 Submodel          ID:  63
 Serial          number:  63V10XX
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May have to come down to flashing the firmware for the error to go away:
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AFAIK the cache modules have ECC memory so can;t have parity errors. Memory consistency us more likely to be the cache on one controller not matching that on the other after mirroring one to the other. I would shutdown and power off, then clear the cache on the other controller. i.e. do the same battery removal on both.

You can set mirrorcacheenabled=false with SMCLI to get rid of the performance hit when only using one controller but obviously that is a risk as write cache is only stored on one controller in that mode.
Michael McGovernVP of Information Technology


We're going to try the method suggested by andyalder during our maintenance window tonight.
Michael McGovernVP of Information Technology


Powering down the array and pulling out both controller with battery reset didn't work. Updating the firmware cleared the error! Thanks everyone.

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