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Is there such a thing as a backup software for android, I have my Samsung S9 plus, and am currently using smart switch, which with 78 GB, takes a long time every time I have to backup the complete entire phone. Does someone have software that will do incremental backups on the Samsung phone?
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Samsung Smart Switch is meant for transferring data from your current phone to a new phone, it is not meant as a backup tool.

There are lots of backup apps available and photo's / videos and apps are typically already being backed up by Google.

Is there some data on your phone that you would have more control over that would make a separate backup app necessary?
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Does someone have software that will do incremental backups on the Samsung phone?

If you want to backup all apps and their app data, you need to root the phone. But, it is still not an incremental backup.

If you only want to backup the documents, photos and videos, subscribe for Google One cloud storage service and your backup will be incremental.

For 100GB cloud storage, the cost is $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

If you want an incremental backup of your data of your Android phone only as follows:

Music collection
Any other important files

You can try Acronis backup.


Thank you for your help, yes of course I have data on my phone that I don't want have on Google cloud, and I'm not fond of the idea of rooting my phone. I think it's ridiculous that some company has not come out with backup software to do incremental backups on android. I've been using retrospect backup my computers for many years, like the way it works and it's quick. I use SugarSync as cloud for backing up some of the information on my computer, on a daily basis, but for sure not all of it. I backup twice a week incrementally with retrospect on my Dell 7720 laptop, and I rotate between three external drives so if one of them dies I have plenty of options.

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