Can't replicate multiple VM's to iSCSI storage due to multiple shares.

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I have two 2012 R2 Servers joined to a domain and running HyperV. Both Servers are connected to a SAN via iSCSI and so there are about 8 mapped drives on each server using iSCSI initiators. The previous admin had replication going from Server A to Server B. The VM's have their storage in multiple mapped drives. We upgraded the Backup SAN with bigger drives. The previous Admin setup Replication between the two and then quit.

We failed the HyperV Replication over to the Backup Server and SAN. Everything came up fine, however when we upgraded the Primary SAN and went to set the Replication back up I can't figure out how he did it. When you set the Replication it has a field that says "Specify the default location to store the Replica Files:" under the Authorization and storage section. All of the iSCSI connections have different drive letters.

If I start a replication of VM1 and use it's storage drive letter of H, it comes over fine. But when I try to replicate VM2 with drive letter G, it goes to H as well and the VM's fill up one drive instead of going to their own drive letters and shares.

How can I set this up so they all replicate to their own storage on the iSCSI of the backup Host?
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Ignoring the iSCSI component for a minute as I think you are describing two hyper-v servers each with its own iSCSI SAN.

If you had done a planned failover (shut down VM, do planned failover from active host) there is the option to reverse replication direction, and this can then be done when doign a "fail back".

If you have removed replication and need to redo replication with each VM being stored in a different location, then when you enable replication, instead of "start replication immediatley", set "start replication on" and chose a time in the future, then click through and finish the wizard. Now on the host that will have the replica, highlight the VM and select move, then move the virtual machines storage, then select the appropriate options and move the config files and vhd(x) files to the appropriate locations


Awesome!!!! Thank you so much. I just tried it and it worked like a champ.

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