jQuery date picker widget

Looking for a jQuery based date calendar widget that can be tied to a text box on a form. I am using https://api.jqueryui.com/datepicker/

It either lacks the functionality to prevent user from typing in gibberish as a date or I don't know how to configure it properly. I tried this:

$(function() {
			constrainInput: true}););

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I thought constrain input required a format mm/dd/yy (or whatever you pick as the default format). Constructed as in the code, it disables the functionality totally.

Happy with a fix for this or suggestion for another one that has this feature.

Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAsked:
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Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:

You just need to add a readonly attribute-

<input type="text" name="datepicker" id="datepicker" readonly="readonly" />
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Hi Richard,

The constrainInput property simply prevents the user typing in characters that aren't permitted. It doesn't mean that it will force the user to type in a valid date. Permitted characters are likely to be [0-9] and a slash, so they could still type in 123/456/789. It's not a valid date but it is using only permitted characters.

As @Rikin has said, if you want to prevent users typing directly into the field, then set it to readonly. FYI - readonly is just a boolean attribute and as such, you don't need to give it a value - just add the attribute:

<input type="text" id="datepickertd" name="datepickertd" readonly>

You said that the code you've provided prevents the functionality totally - that's because you have errors in that code - you have an extra ;) on the third line. It should be:

$(function() {
        constrainInput: true

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Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Perfect, that solves the issue.
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