How to make subreport not to grow?

In SSRS report, I have a 3-column subreport that is supposed to have fixed height. However, instead of opening 2nd column, it grows in height, breaking the layout. Is there a way to prevent that?
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Vadim RappAsked:
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Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
>instead of opening 2nd column
Explain in great detail how you believe this would work, as SSRS tablix/matrix controls will display rows based on however much data is in the data source, and not display a set number of rows and then move the rest into columns to the right.  Unless this is now a feature of 2014 or beyond..
Vadim RappAuthor Commented:
For the record, here's how I solved this problem, it looks like.

Regarding 3-column subreport - it can't work by design. According to documentation, "Subreports inherit column settings from the parent report. Column settings that are defined in the original RDL are always ignored."

I solved this problem by creating an "artificial" 3-column dataset from the original 1-column one. I programmatically populated it in the same way as I expected the values to appear in 3 columns, and replaced subreport by the tablix bound to this dataset.

However, the root problem still existed, i.e. when the number of rows in the dataset increased, the height of the tablix increased as well, pushing down the controls under it, even though I left enough empty space below the tablix till the next control down - it looks like rendering was maintaining that empty space intact.

On the web I found 2 recommendations to solve this problem by placing the tablix within a rectangle, plus placing some lines nearby. But I was not able to make it work: the rectangle still grew in size.

I solved this problem by placing the tablix within a textbox that has CanGrow = false. This is probably not very clean solution, because documentation says that report controls should not overlap, and in "normal" display mode in reportviewer it does not look right; but in print mode, as well as when it's actually printed, it works as expected: when the number of rows in the tablix increases, the tablix grabs more empty space below itself (that empty space now belonging to the artificial textbox), without moving down the controls below.

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