Read JSON from JavaScript array and search for values?

Massimo Scola
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I'm developing a Cordova app and one of the function is, that it can display orders.
I would like to retrieve all the orders when the app starts and put them into a JavaScript array:

var allOrders = [];			
this.getAllOrders = function() {
				var url = "" + oucu + "&password=" + password;
				/* Get the data */

				$.get(url, function (data) {
					var obj = $.parseJSON(data); // 
					if (obj.status == "success") {
						// was able to get the data successfully 
						// loop through all orders
								$.each(, function(i, item) {

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The JavaScript array is populated with JSON objects.

How do I read JSON objects out of the array? For example, I would like to find out in which position the Order ID 71415 is.

      //Searches for an order ID
      this.searchOrderID = function(OrderID) {

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I would appreciate it if someone could give me an idea how to read json objects out of a JavaScript array. Searching for an order ID is one thing and then I would like to retrieve the picture URL for example .. I think once I know how to loop through the variable and then read the element ID, it should make it easier for me to implement the other functions.

Thanks for your help


The JavaScript array with data
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this.searchOrderID = function(OrderID) {
   for(var i=0; i<app.allOrders.length; i++) {
         if( app.allOrders[ i ].id == OrderID ) 
                  return i;
   return -1; // NOT FOUND

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Thank you so much - very helpful answer!

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