Access 2007 terminating with Memory Error

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We are encountering an intermitent error upgrading a legacy Access 2003 application to Access 2016 for a client.  

Our office has done dozens of upgrades from 2003 to 2013 in recent years but this is the first one to 2016.  I don't know if the fact that this is going to 2016 is a factor, just thought I'd mention it.  When doing the upgrades we know what needs to be changed and all the 2003 to 2013 upgrades have gone smoothly.  Most of the functionality in this 2003 to 2016 is fine but one menu option is causing issues.  Issues I've never encountered before.

Sometimes the menu option will run fine but sometimes I get the following two messages when it executes.  Then the application shuts down.

Access Stopped Working
When I select the 'Check Online for a solution' I then get
Access not working 2
I have error handling in every procedure in the application but the error handling routines are not being invoked. When I get the Access has stopped working' message.

This error occurs on a client machine that is running Access 2007.

My first thought was to ask the IT support people to re-install Access but I wanted to see if the EE experts had any other ideas.

We have thoroughly tested this application in-house (and this menu option dozens of times) and never once had any issues or failures.  We use an exact copy of the clients data to do our testing.  

I realize I've not supplied specifics about the functionality of the menu option but I thought these messages might be indicative of a more general problem.
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Usually these kind of errors are unhandled by usual Error handling and they are more buggy interpretations from the Engine to your application.
The key to solve it is to replicate this issue...just find out when and how this error pops up...usually its "bad" design...(not necessary bad)...just desing that Access does not like could be ActiveX related..objects not closing/getting released..something you have forgotten <-- for this last one decompilng is usually a way to spot it.
I haven't worked with Access 2007 a lot but my personal belief is that is more flacky than the newer versions...especially 2013 and rest are more robust without strange behavior.
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We have converted some old applications - from Access 97 -> Access 2000 -> Access 2016 - with zero glitches.

That won't help you, I know, but you mention that one menu option is causing issues.
So, how about deleting that option and then rebuild it?

Or, does the menu entry call some code not called otherwise? If so, you could have a corrupt code module (could also be code-behind-form).
Again, if so, delete the module and recreate it - by typing, no copy-paste.
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Look at the event logs and post the error here.

  and I'm with the others....I would rebuild the DB.  Assuming at this point that it complies fine (no errors).

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Does it only happen on a single machine? If so, then ensure that machine is fully up to date regarding Office and Windows.

If it occurs on all machines, then I would also suggest you create a new database and import everything.


Thanks for the suggestions.  I got an abandoned question notice but I'm working thru this,

GoIng to request 2016 be installed on the test machine and rebuild the entire front end DB.

I can't pinpoint the time of the error so currently can't check the error log.  If it occurs again I'll ask IT to check that out.


Thanks for all of the input and suggestions.  I forgot this questions was still open.

We resolved this issue by going back to the 2013 version.

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