MFC PropertySheet CTabCtrl problem

jeffrey londo
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I have a WizardPage that has been developed with MFC.  I don't have access to internal CTabCtrl structure or PropertySheet directly, but only can use following macros :

TabCtrl_SetItemSize or PropSheet_GetTabControl. When I switch between Wizard Pages, I see that the tab items gets out of boundingrectangle of the parent control.

I eventually want to run the following  :       GetTabControl()->ModifyStyle(0, TCS_VERTICAL);

But this does not work

How can I overcome this problem ?
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TabCtrl_SetItemSize or PropSheet_GetTabControl

did you try to solve the issue by using those functions?

can you show a screenshot?

note, normally the parent window would have the WS_CLIPCHILDREN style what should prevent the tab control to get out-of-boundaries.



Sending a message to invisible tab control within the propertypagewindow and setting style as tcm_multiline has fixed my problem.

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