Can I add a colored bar across the top of my PDF doc as a headers?

I want to add a colored bar across the top of every page in my PDF document. I see in my Tools, the ability to enter some basic text, but does Acrobat provide me the opportunity to do the colored bar I'm envisioning?

What do you think>
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Hi Bruce,
First, create your "colored bar" as a JPG file in whatever imaging program you prefer (I used IrfanView in the example below). Make the bar as wide and as high you want, although Acrobat allows you to scale it relative to the page. The file could also be a BMP, PDF, and some other file types, but JPG is a popular choice.

You didn't say what version of Adobe Acrobat that you're are the instructions for Pro DC:

Edit PDF

You'll get this dialog:

acrobat watermark
As the screenshot shows, click the File radio button, browse to the JPG file (or BMP, PDF...whatever your colored bar is), then set the parameters so that the bar looks the way you want...Opacity, Scale, Vertical Distance, Horizontal Distance,etc. As you adjust each Distance value with the up and down arrows, you'll see the bar on the preview image move left, right, up, and down so that you can position it exactly where you want. Click OK and you'll have the colored bar on every page. Regards, Joe

Update: The video Micro Tutorial mentioned in the post below is an all-Acrobat solution...does not use an imaging program to create the bar.

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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Hi Bruce,
One other point. You may prefer to do everything in Acrobat, i.e., not use an imaging program to create the colored bar. If so, here are the instructions to create it in Acrobat DC.

First create a new PDF with a blank page:

Create PDF
Blank Page

Second, create the colored bar in it:

Draw rectangle
Change color (opens color dialog)
Fills (pick color)
Borders (pick color)
Opacity (move slider)
Change color (closes color dialog)
Position mouse at upper left starting point
Drag to lower right until you have line size you want

Save that file as a PDF and then use it as the File for the instructions in my previous post. When you do it with this method, I suggest (1) making the bar the size you want it to be on the target PDF; (2) positioning it where you want it to be on the target PDF. That way, in the Add Watermark dialog, you can (1) un-tick the "Scale relative to target page" will be the size you want; (2) not have to adjust the Vertical Distance and/or Horizontal Distance will be in the position you want. Regards, Joe

Update: I decided that this is a lot easier to explain in a video, so I just published a five-minute EE video Micro Tutorial with the all-Acrobat solution:

How to add a color bar across the top of every page in a PDF

If you find the video to be helpful, I'll appreciate your endorsing it by clicking the thumbs-up icon underneath the Video Steps there. Thanks, Joe
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Joe! That will do the trick!
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome, Bruce, I'm glad that works for you. If you take a moment to click the thumbs-up icon at the video to endorse it, I'll appreciate it. Regards, Joe
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