Copying Names in a grid to a single column, then comparing against master list (column)?

I have a Google Sheet where I have five columns and 20 rows of names, and I am looking for a way to collect all the names, sort them, and list them in a single column, then compare the list against another list to find the missing names.

I searched for an example of how to accomplish this and found nothing similar. :(
To be specific, I need to find a way to do this using a formula and without add-ons macros. Is it possible?

To make this easier, I am including a working sheet:
Here is the example sheet.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAsked:
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S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Apologies, I used the wrong link. Corrected now. :)
Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)Lead SaaS Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
You can create a combined column from mulriple columns in excel, not sure if google sheets offers ths sams functional method to do so..
Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)Lead SaaS Infrastructure EngineerCommented:

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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
You could get a sorted list of the names in columns C:G with this formula.

=SORT(FILTER({C2:C21;D2:D21;E2:E21;F2:F21;G2:G21}, LEN({C2:C21;D2:D21;E2:E21;F2:F21;G2:G21})))

You could then use that in a IF/MATCH formula in column B on Sheet2.

=IF(ISNA(MATCH(A1,sort(FILTER({Sheet1!$C$2:$C$21;Sheet1!$D$2:$D$21;Sheet1!$E$2:$E$21;Sheet1!$F$2:$F$21;Sheet1!$G$2:$G$21}, LEN({Sheet1!$C$2:$C$21;Sheet1!$D$2:$D$21;Sheet1!$E$2:$E$21;Sheet1!$F$2:$F$21;Sheet1!$G$2:$G$21}))),0)), "Not Found", "Found")
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Super awesome!

Thank you to both Ben, for the conversion of the table to the list! Just brilliant!

Thank you to Norie (again!) for the matching formula. Another brilliant answer!

For Norie, combining Ben's solution with yours, I changed your solution to simply:
=IF(ISNA(MATCH(L5,sort(FILTER({Sheet1!$J$2:$J$93}, LEN({Sheet1!$J$2:$J$93}))),0)), "Not Found", "Found")

Works like a charm!

I can't thank you all, enough. :)
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
So happy with your answers!
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
The first formula I posted was to convert the table to a list.

The second was to show you how to use that formula along with MATCH to compare to the list on Sheet2.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Thanks Norie.

As an extension of your formula, I decided that I would rather list out just the missing names.

So, instead of:
=IF(ISNA(MATCH(L2,sort(FILTER({Sheet1!$J$2:$J$93}, LEN({Sheet1!$J$2:$J$93}))),0)), "Not Found", "Found")

I used:
=IF(ISNA(MATCH(L2,sort(FILTER({Sheet1!$J$2:$J$93}, LEN({Sheet1!$J$2:$J$93}))),0)), L2, "")

Then I sorted the column with:
=sort(FILTER({Sheet1!N1:N94}, LEN({Sheet1!N1:N94})))

It works perfectly, but I am sure there is a way to simplify and possibly even eliminate the intermediary column "N".

But I am very happy with the results... once I remove the column "M" and hide columns "L" and "N".
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
Do you mean one formula that would return only the people on Sheet1 that are found in the list on Sheet2?

That might be possible using FILTER, perhaps by adding a second criteria.

Might get a bit complicated though.:)

If I get a chance I'll take a look at it later.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Thanks Norie, I was just thinking out loud. I am not expecting any further effort.

I really appreciate the results, as is. :)

Take care.
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