Command to list what's seen in "Programs & Features" & "View Installed Updates" : wmic fails to list everything

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If I issue 'wmic product get name,vendor,version', it won't list out Chrome, Firefox,
certain apps (from app vendors) though these softwares (chrome, Ffox, apps) are
listed when I go to Control Panel's  "Programs & Features".

What's the command (exclude PowerShell pls) that could list out what's shown in
"Programs & Features"?  
When I do  "dir c:\Program Files" or "dir c:\Program Files (x86)", somehow
Chrome or certain apps seen in "Programs & Features" are not necessarily

Also, need a similar command of what's listed in "View Installed Updates".

I'm on Win7, Win10 & Win2012/2016.    

Needed something other than WSUS to list patches installed on the Windows
endpoints (as colleague says WSUS has issue with this & we got audit finding).
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
Easiest way to do it in a script is with WMI calls. View the below links for info. - Installed applications - Installed updates

The links show Powershell as well as Command line using WMIC
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
Top Expert 2016

There is a prior question on this that I worked a solution for, let me see if I can locate it...

Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
Top Expert 2016
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Thanks Adam, thanks Bill.

'wmic qfe list'  helps with the updates & 'psinfo -accepteula -s ' help with the other.

One last request:
as wmic & psinfo may take a while, placing this in a logon script may kind of
slow down the logon process: how can I run this in the background so that
it doesn't slow down the logon process?
IT / Software Engineering Consultant
Top Expert 2016
I assume you are piping their outputs to a file, likely on a server someplace so you can collect it?

You could run the "background" stuff in a different BAT file and launch it via the START command with /MIN and see if that helps.  Not sure how to launch them truly hidden from the first BAT script...



Tried the following:

start wmic qfe list > c:\temp\qfe.txt
start wmic qfe list > c:\temp\qfe.txt  /min
the qfe.txt file remains empty even after waited for 30mins.

So I place the command "wmic qfe list > c:\temp\qfe.txt" into a  test.bat script
& run   "start test.bat /min"  &  qfe.txt now contain the listing but the
window did not go away.


Also, just noticed that  'psinfo' will not capture softwares that are installed by user
into a temporary area (eg: Webex & Zoom clients that can install without admin
rights) as well as plug-ins and 'Java 8 Update 191' : all of these appear in
"Programs & Features".

It's fair that portable softwares are not captured as "Programs & Features"
won't capture portables as well but will be good to capture plug-ins, Java


We need to be able to patch plug-ins, Java or ask user to remove
if they install without permission so Audit wanted us to monitor
what users have in their PCs:

Chrome can be installed by user without admin rights, so if this is
needed, we need to track & patch/update Chrome

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