Why does Adblock see ads where there are none?

Melody Scott
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when I install adblock or disconnect for Facebook to my chrome browser, ever site I go to shows blocked ads, even the one I manage that has no ads showing (https://www.magickitchen.com). Why is that? What's it seeing that's reading as an ad?
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You may not see it, but Adblock DOES. You should be happy.
In any case, Adblock has its own tab in the developer options (F12). You'll see google/facebook/trustpilot stuff getting blocked. So no, you're not missing out on any important content from the website itself.
What's it seeing that's reading as an ad?

Tracking cookies, tracking scripts, analytic scripts, all sorts.

I use uBlock Origin, different better add-on same outcome.

Blocked items uBlock Origin


Thanks, I wish I could accept both answers as my solution.
Well you can but all good.

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