IIS cpu spikes after DLL updates

Hello EE community,

We host over 600 sites in a farm of 6 servers and on a monthly basis we do a deployment that will overwrite the DLLs in a folder called \BIN which is a centralize point for the binaries of all the site folders. We have a symbolic link to the \BIN folder under each site folder. During the deployment, we run a script on all 6 servers, that will stop IIS, overwrite the DLLs in the \BIN directory then start IIS. The minute this happens, the CPU spikes to a steady 100% which could last up to 3-4hours on all the servers once the first request comes in for each site. I understand that it goes through a "warm-up" process on the first hit x 650 w3wp.exe processes running = CPU spike. The way we get around this is by restarting the servers.This happens on every deployment. Is this normal?  If not, how could I troubleshoot this issue to find out what is causing this.

Antivirus has the necessary exclusions.
Michael McGovernVP of Information TechnologyAsked:
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David Johnson, CDRetiredCommented:
Yes it is normal since it does a recompile if you look at the process load you will see msccoresvw.exe busy working
Michael McGovernVP of Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Is there anything that can be done besides upgrading the hardware to get around the CPU spike?  I'm curious to know what others who are in similar situation like me handle it.
Michael McGovernVP of Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Our last two deployment, we didn't have any spikes. Not sure what happened to fix it, but it's working how it suppose to.

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