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Using VM replicas to clone the clients IT infrastructure.

pyotrek asked
Long story short - My client's one of the sub-companies is being sold. They were separated for a while on paper - but still were using the same IT infrastructure.
My job is to split existing company's IT infrastructure. Most of their data is mixed and stored in the same shared folders etc etc.
Since they use several Virtual Servers on HYPERV backbone - I plan to "clone" the existing servers, and when done - split the physical network.

I am thinking of using the VM replication as means of accomplishing this.
Do not have any experience with VM replication so far, but isn't this a standard for IT projects :) ?

My hope is that I will be able to bring the replicas to be "primary" after I separate the physical network, and i hope users for each company will see everything as it was before the separation.
Afterwards I plan to cleanup some files and resources that do not need to be shared, remove computer/user accounts etc.

Does it sound like a probable solution?
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replication is not good for this
export the vm's
and then let the new company import them

If the org unit was sold why should you be on the hook for licensing, hardware, etc


Not sure why you said that replication is not good for this?
I just tested the replication of one of the machines with smaller storage. I think it worked quite well.
Export will not work as I do not have long enough "downtime" window to do it - I have to have the large VHDs up to date in both locations on the day of the split.
Recreating the VMs manually and attaching already "replicated"  VHDs will take only small amount of time.
Using replication - I can "move" up to date VHDs to new hosts, and on the weekend of the "split" I just have to re-create VMs as needed.

As far as the licensing - the "new" separated company will get a set of new licenses when the split happens. (I wrote that the company got sold, but I should have rather say it is being prepared to be sold - at the moment they still share the same servers, databases, folders, printers, scanners etc.)
If you have another cluster setup where you want the VMs to reside, instead of replication what you can do is remove the VM out the cluster, open up Hyper-V manager and move the VM and data over to the new location.  This will move it live without bringing down the VM.


This sounds like a better solution. I will use it on next project.

With this project I already setup replications as needed and I think I will stick with that. Up to date VHDxs are created - i will just have to recreate VM's manually.

Thank you for your help.


Coolie Sheppard: This sounds like better solution. Thank you - I will do some testing.

I already setup the replications where needed - I think it will work as well, but I will have to recreate the VM's manually - The up to date VHDxs will be already in place.

For this project i will probably stay with what is in place already, but on next one I will keep that in mind.