Two words with one letter on top of another.

The image shows a word that we need for a church business card as well as a logo on the weekly bulletins. It's the word Celebration for English and Celebracion for the Hispanics.

Someone had the idea to put the T on top of the C and also change the T to a cross. So far the efforts have been in black fonts.

I suggested that most crosses from the days of Jesus were made of wood and thus the cross could be a brown color. They have played around with moving the cross (which is actually the T in celebration) to the left or right to somehow not distort the C.

In my opinion there will be enough other text on the card in Spanish and if the Spanish version of celebration is celebracion then any one viewing the card will know what celebration means. But I do not make the decisions.

So looking for more brain power on how to combine celebration and celebracion? Using colors, fonts, etc.

I'm designing the card and if we can get that word to the liking of the higher ups in the church then I will have to make the word be a photo so I can upload the photo (which will be nothing but the word) and drag that to the proper place on the card. The templates and editing do not offer a T on top of a C. Thanks.

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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Hi Nick,
I presume that your "card" is electronic, so how about an animated GIF...something like this:

Btw, you have the letter "i" twice in your post. Regards, Joe
nickg5Author Commented:
Hi Joe no a standard business card with no animations. Yes the image came from today's bulletin so someone spelled it wrong.

It's Celebration and the t is to be a large cross on top of the letter "c" in Celebracion.
The board members are trying to get a large cross into the word.
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Maybe something like this:

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nickg5Author Commented:
That may work well. Can you change the cross to a brown color?
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
There are many possibilities for "brown"...for example:

brown color chart
And many others by adjusting the RGB values. Here it is with hex 99-4C-00 (decimal 153-76-0):

Let me know what RGB value you want and I'll create it for you. Regards, Joe

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Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Here's a crack at using the cross from your other question:

nickg5Author Commented:
The one above with the blue C is the one I will present to the pastor tomorrow. And the color chart. The way you have it is desirable since the cross does not interfere with the letter "i"
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
If the cross not interfering with the letter "i" is your only concern, how about this:

cross not interfere with letter i
nickg5Author Commented:
Thanks and I may have a followup since contact with the pastor is limited to Tuesdays. As of now that would be next Tuesday.
Joe WinogradDeveloperCommented:
Sounds good...I'll be here. Regards, Joe
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