MS licenses for VMware HA configuration

Chanaka Srinuwan
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I'm planing VMware HA configuration and just wondering if I need 2 x of MS licenses to restart the VMs on the surviving host when the primary host fails.

Also planing to get MS data center licences for 1 host to cover all VMs.

Please advise.

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NON-OEM licenses allow for one transfer to another physical machine every 90 days.  Therefore, it is theoretically possible that you could buy one data center license and run your VMs in a cluster that does not transfer the VMs to the other server UNLESS of catastrophic failure.

HOWEVER, most clusters are designed and intended to allow you to easily switch VMs between hosts for hardware maintenance, load balancing, host updates, and similar tasks.  Should you only get one license, you will have tremendous difficulty remaining compliant AND performing these functions.

In general, if you're going to cluster, you want all cluster hosts capable of hosting all VMs at all times from both a hardware and a licensing standpoint.

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Answer is Yes!

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