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How to check if conversation recording file is not genuine

Dear users,
assume that we have a 10:00 minutes conversation audio file and that you are suspecting that this file was cutted from the minute 5:00; in other words, the person who gives you tath file has probably used an audio editor to delete the first 5 minutes. So, this file is not created with i.e. a smartphone voice recorder but by an audio editor program. How can I check it? Is a audio-spectrum or a particular audio analyzer that can check this?

Thank you very much!

PS: the problem is not, a central part is cutted and the first and last are merged (in this case is easy check a discontinuity of spectrum). The problem is that, the entire start part is cutted.
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IT Consultant
short answer is: it depends.

long answer is: depending on different audio formats, the editor program's info might be available or not, so we need to know the specific audio format. however, if the original file was cut without using any commercial or known software, instead just a simple binary utility (no need to be an audio specific utility), you can't determine if it is cut or not, technically.

again, if the file format is known and that file format has an information header, then it will be very helpful to determine if the file is complete or incomplete.
Header: the perfect answer. Thank you very much.