Server 2016 Pending Update Behavior

I have a question concerning a slight annoyance with Windows updates in 2012 vs. 2016 Server

I have my servers set to download the updates, but not apply them. This obviously saves me the download time and I can apply them quicker during maintenance periods.

In 2012, if either more updates are released or something is revised, Windows Update re-downloads the changes during it's normal polling cycle and everything is current when it's time to install them.

Under Server 2016, it will appear to download whatever updates are available at that time and then wait with the Install now button. If something newer is released after that, it doesn't appear to re-scan until the currently downloaded updates are installed (even if they are out of date).

In that situation, is there a way to force Windows Update to re-evaluate the available updates like Server 2012 does?
Jay SchweglerAsked:
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Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology ConsultantCommented:
there are a few ways.  the best however is to use command line.  f
from an elevated command prompt (or powershell)
You have to use usoclient StartScan to start a scan.

There are other options as well:

StartScan: Used to start scan
StartDownload: Used to start download of patches
StartInstall: Used to install downloaded patches
RefreshSettings: Refresh settings if any changes were made
StartInteractiveScan: May ask for user input and/or open dialogues to show progress or report errors
RestartDevice: Restart device to finish installation of updates
ScanInstallWait: Combined scan, download, and install
ResumeUpdate: Resume update installation on boot
Jay SchweglerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I had tried that, and it does do the re-scan, but it ends up at the same place with the older patch waiting for installation.
Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology ConsultantCommented:
in that case what you can do is delete the windows update contents.  it is a bit of a sledge hammer method but it is guaranteed to work.

here is a link for the process.  mind it says Windows 10 but the same method works for 2016

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Jay SchweglerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I was seeing if there was an alternative to blowing away the Windows Update Database, but it looks like that is the only real way to accomplish this. Thanks.
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