Can anyone verify the correct specs for this memory on the listed motherboard?

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Wanted to get verification on these so if you do not know please do not answer else other members that do will assume the question is answered.
This motherboard and memory question. What is the absolute max Memory with all specifications maxed (speed throughput that "BUS pipe  thing"out I can use on this machine. I hope to get more use out of it. Since memory is so inexpensive. This Mother board
2019-05-29CS_MotherBoard.pngI can see it says DDR2, 8192 and 4 slots I have 4 chips with 1024 in each so I figure I can double it? Here are the slots...minus one that got cut off in screen capture.
2019-05-29_CSSlotsMemory.pngIn addition I thought that these two were good candidates but i am not sure how to spec these out with MGHz and Speed. DO they need to match all the specs seen here or are there things I can improve on and purchase something faster in the specs not shown here.
I thought this one from Crucial

or this one from Samsung

Your  thoughts and opinions appreciated. Thank you!
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Crucial  says  8 Gb.  DDR2-800 for maximum performance for that board.

Generally you match the memory, ie, buy it all at the same time, same manufacturer and same specs.  This gives best compatibility.  You can mix memory modules and usually it won't do any harm  What happens is that the system defaults to the slowest memory chip in the computer.

The memory you have in your board isn't the fastest you could have bought.  The DDR2-800 at Crucial is faster.  However would you notice the speed difference?  Possibly not.  It really depends on what you are doing with the system.

The manual is here  if you want final confirmation.
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on page 2-14 they say max is 4x 2 GB DDR2
but what OS are you running?  any 32 bit will only detect max 4 GB
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I ordered the RAM Crucial Brand. Hopefully even though used it should be good. Thanks for your help.
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let us know how it goes

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