rdp not working with hostname for one partiuclar vm

hi got a server 2012 hyperv-
got 4 vm inside it. all runs good.
one vm I could not rdp to it using name. but can ping the name . but rdp works with ip address. no issues.
this is the error getting when trying to access with hostname.  and it happens only for this vm. other 3 vm are working fine with hostnames.

could anyone check the error, guide me to fix it.
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Can you check dns zone if it has entry with same hostname pointing to different ip
Mr.XAuthor Commented:
I checked my dns.
Got a host record. With correct hostname pouting to correct IP address with timestamp from yesterday date6AM.
Could not find any issues or duplicating ip here.
Ibrahim BennaTechnology LeadCommented:
Are you able to connect with the FQDN of the VM?
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then have you tried pinging hostname from client machine from where you are trying RDP connection?

you can clear cache and ensure its resolving to correct ip from client machine
That's usually caused by a time issue. check the time on that VM as it may be too far out to be able to properly authenticate its AD object with the Domain Controller.
(AD hates the time being any more than 5 mins different from the DC)

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I don't think time would be an issue here as OP is able to connect to VM with IP address

This is pure DNS caching issue either client side or server side, flushing of both should resolve issue
Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology ConsultantCommented:
go into DNS and delete both the hostname as well as the reverse lokup address.  then remote into the server using IP and do a ipconfig /registerdns to reregister the dns name.  on the computer you are remoting FROM do an ipconfig /flushdns.
now ping the server and see if the ip comes back correct.  if it does try and connect using both the short name of the server as well as fqdn.
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