Windows server won't boot BCD error

Rene Christensen
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Server 2016 essentials won't boot.
I get
File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000001

It runs in a raid with 4 disks.

I installed .net framework 4.7.2 and the installation went as expected.
Asked me to reboot, and from here it all went wrong.

Firstly it took about 20 minutes, where there was just black screen with the spinning circle.
The the server rebooted and hang at the Hewlet Packard Enterprise logo with a 92 in the bottom right corner.
I turned off the server and turned it back on, and windows started booting again.
This time it took 30 minutes with black screen and the spinning circle, followed by 10 minutes with black screen with a cursor that I could actually move around.
After 10 minutes the server rebooted again, and since the I have just gotten the above message.

I have a media and from that I can access command promt through the repair menu.

I have tried bootrec /rebuildbcd
It finds a windows installatio, but tells me that
"The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"

Please help me here! This is a complete disaster, and I really need this server back and running.
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Rene ChristensenVirksomhedsejer


After investigating diskpart i see the following:

List Partition:
Partition 1       Recovery          450MB
Partition 2       System               99MB
Partition 3       Reserved           16MB
Partition 4       Primary          1862GB

List Volume:
Volume 0    C    NTFS      Partition      1862GB    Healthy
Volume 1          NTFS      Partition        450MB    Healthy     Hidden
Volume 2          RAW       Partition          99MB    Healthy     Hidden

Is Volume 2 supposed to be RAW and hidden?

Which one is my boot partition/volume?
Top Expert 2016

from the repair disk command prompt
list volume
The volume that is 1862 GB is your OS
remember the drive letter
bcdboot x:\windows

now reboot
Rene ChristensenVirksomhedsejer


Just to be sure.
Should I use x:\windows or c:\windows

Both are present since x: is the letter of my repair-disk (usb)
and c:  is my OS drive
Rene ChristensenVirksomhedsejer


Seems like i managed to fix the bcd.

I bought Easus partition manager (other cheaper/free software might had helped as well),
made a winPE usb.
Noticed that volume 2 (raw) was listed as system partition with fat32.
Deleted the partition.
Formatted as fat32 with letter E:
Opened cmd from winpe
selected volume 2
ran bootbcd /c:windows /s E:
Noticed that a type "boot" had been added to the partiotion that has windows.
Rebooted and windows started loading.

Now Im facing a different problem, since i get a BSOD "Event tracing fatal error"
This has prob. something to do with the installation of .net framework 4.7.2 which is caused all this mess.
I close this question, and perhaps I'll open a new one regarding the bsod.

Thanks for your help David
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