Can you filter packet captures from VMWare NSX 6.4.4?

Is there a way to filter packet captures n VMWare NSX 6.4.4? When you use the drop down for filtering, it shows interfaces - not an expected filtering dialog box.
amigan_99Network EngineerAsked:
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Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
I am unsure if this is what you are looking for ?

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amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
It appears to explain better the definition of "filtering" in this context. What I'm really looking for is to create a pcap of a host that only contains say traffic destined for vm favoritevm-1 at port 80. It looks to me that filtering does not permit me to do this. I can capture for 10 minutes or so and get all of the egressing or ingressing packets and then filter in wireshark. But that's problematic when you have a great many packets flowing through the interface and you're trying to view an intermittent problem.

Do you know of any way for pcap in 6.4.4 to allow me to only capture those packets which meet a specific destination and port? Thank you.
Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
Well am not NSX guy but if you want commands on the ESXi host individually using pktcap or tcpdump ... I can help you
amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
With regards to NSX packet capture I think you've shown that they use the term "filtering" differently than tcpdump packet filtering or wireshark capture filtering although NSX filtering does allow for some nuance in what's captured. Thank you.
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