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Hi all, I was wondering if someone could give some advice.   I am trying to determine a certification track between obtaining an MCSE in Server 2016 or pursuing the path of CCNA.  
I am doing this on my own with no one to work with and was wondering who has found either of the 2 the most rewarding.  This site has some good training on the MCSE course and I purchased the IC2 book which teaches in a different manner.  I would like to be able to use references as much as possible but it looks better to take 1 ccna test verse taking 7 mcse tests.  

I know this probably isnt the right place to ask this but I am just looking for advice and as always appreciate it.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAsked:
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What is more interesting to you?

CCNA is entry level Cisco Networking certification.

MCSE is an advanced Microsoft certificate that expects some significant real world experience.

MCSA is more basic Microsoft certificate.

Are you more interested in Windows or networking?

You can learn both, but start at MCSA and not MCSE.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Kevinhsieh that is the hard part I truthfully do not know what I want.  On top of that having no support or anyone to work with and doing it alone makes it hard.   My boss wants me to become a server specialist and I can self pay for all the tests.   I just don't want to go down a path put in the time and realize I am a failure and have to start over.   If I knew I had the support and people to bounce questions off I would most likely choose that path.   I have all 3 MCSA practice tests with answers but I want to understand what the answers mean not just memorize 253 test questions and just plug in the answers.   I think the MCSA tests are only around 90-100 questions but I was given the majority.    I think Security is in high demand I am not sure how long Microsoft will be around also server 2016 is already going away with 2019.    

Where can I find real indepth training courses that explain things now just show you and help you learn and understand?  I bought the book but I am not a book learner and watching videos isn't doing it for me as well, I am a hands on learner and I need to see and do things to learn.  Which then brings me back to my original question which cert can I benefit more from.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Also because my company is currently using RFP's they are pressuring us to obtain these certs for them to sell.   currently 30 years of experience between myself and another engineer is irrelevant... -_-
Your boss should pay for it, as it is helping their business.
Based on your company web site, MCSA/MCSE track probably makes more sense, but it depends on the business requirements. What certs are needed for the business?

I would get the test topics, and see what you know and what you don't know. I don't have sources of training material, but lab out whatever it is you're shakey on. My lab is my work environment. I try not to break things as I go. ;-)

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Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help I have a friend who has an account on here.  His name is Bruce.  He is thinking of becoming my study buddy and see if we can do this together.   I guess I will still continue down the MCSE path for Server 2016 and then focus on 2019.   Thanks for your help.
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